Increase Your Response Rate to Job Candidates

The days of sending generic recruiting emails (We’re Hiring!) to potential candidates, hoping that someone actually responds, are coming to an end… and it cannot come soon enough.


How to Optimize Your Job Posts for Maximum Exposure

Sometimes the struggle isn’t finding a job; for companies, the struggle is finding enough good candidates to consider for open positions.

A Must for Recruiters: Paying Attention to Your Job Candidate Experience

Interested in attracting top talent to your recruiting firm? If so, it’s crucial that you put the “Candidate Experience” toward the top of your to-do-lists. Providing meaningful candidate engagement and outstanding candidate experiences will go a long way toward growing your pipeline and ensuring sustained success.

The Pre-Employment Process Shouldn’t be an Afterthought

Believe it or not, employees aren’t desperate to work for you. We’re in the midst of a candidate-driven market – one where employers must find ways to move smoothly and quickly through the hiring process.

The majority of companies don’t believe they need to make changes to reflect candidate choice, so they continue miss out on the best talent. However, those companies who understand and act on the candidate-driven market will thrive even though they’re not in the driver’s seat of the hiring process.

5 Hacks to Succeed in Talent Sourcing • Recruitee Blog

Talent sourcing is crucial to growing your talent pool. It’s very common to source like-minded people, and these can turn into ideal candidates. They are likely to be a cultural fit and are willing to stick with your company through thick and thin. The earlier you start keeping an eye out for them, the better. Here are five hacks to help you along the way.

Implementing effective personality tests

Identifying if the applicant has the skills to perform the specific job is a well-known key factor to analyze during the recruitment process. However, the procedure should also importantly focus on recognizing whether we are dealing with the right type of person who will conduct the activities required.

Video Interviews: See behind the CV

Team already covered some topics over their blog posts regarding candidate testing and the importance of personality. In November 2015 they went to focus on another growing facet of recruitment today: The Video Interview.

[Infographic] 3 Tips On New Recruitment

Candidate Screening Technology is shaping the way HR departments acquire new talent. Nevertheless, technology should be combined with the right actions. Here are a few recommendations to take into account in order to implement Recruitment Tech in the most effective way!