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Subscribing to too many sources trying to catch the most accurate, useful content out there?

Actually there are people already doing that for you. They are the influencers and thought leaders in the industry. They’re experienced in processing a bunch of info and highlighting the best. And… they tweet about it.


Recruitment predictions for 2016: HR technology

In November 2015, the Team shared some great aspects on how recruitment will evolve in 2016 and how HR technology already has a great role in its current development.

Let’s review how things are going so far.

HR tech is getting weird, and here’s why

Technology has progressed to the point where it’s possible for HR to learn almost everything there is to know about employees — from what they’re doing moment-to-moment at work to what they’re doing on their off hours. Julia Scavicchio takes a long hard look at the legal and ethical implications of these new investigative tools.